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Kelley. Big Island Guide Travel Guide. Campers be advised that no re-entry is allowed after 9pm for medical or unforeseen emergencies etc. Finding a scenic bit of shoreline and casting a line out into the ocean is one of the most common means of shore fishing. A Beginners Guide to Fishing. If you’re on a budget (who isn’t) or you just want to spend a quiet day casting off, shore fishing is free! Learn More. Call Us Today! Turn off Highway 19 onto Waikoloa Village Road, left at King’s Shops to the big parking lot. The fishing on Big Island is great year round. Every time that I have gone fishing at Kona's old airport ("O.A. Hawaii Vacation Rentals ~ Big Island Vacation Rentals, Shore Fishing Spots On The Kohala Coast & Kona Coast. You have to be extremely careful. 1. Kailua-Kona offers a variety of fishing charter options from private and shared group deep sea fishing and inshore bottom fishing. Contact us today to find out more about our winter fishing trips! I tried lots of different water shoes and sandals that supposedly have sticky rubber, but have switched over to these ugly little sock booties with felt bottoms (called tabis) for $20 in lots of stores in Hawaii. Let's go Shore Fishing ! They offer a wide selection of Big Island fishing charters – from full-day privates to half-day share trips. We also target bluefin trevally, giant trevally, barracuda and other colorful reef fish. After a short boat ride we jump out on the flats and start walking. Historic Village, Lava Trees Tidepools, Thermal Pond Beach, Fishing, Lava Flow, Painted Church. 55 Mano Drive, Kula, HI 96790. Two good spots are the fish ponds just south of the airport and at A-bay. All bait, tackle and gear provided. The Big Island’s main sportfishing hotspot, Kailua-Kona, even made it onto our ultimate angling bucket list. Bay and Beach Basics Wade along bays and beaches protected by offshore reefs for both a chance at smaller fish with modest tackle and a cooling dip. We are a Hawaiian & family owned Shoreline Fishing guide service located on the beautiful Kona Coast of Hawaii! I put on a sinking head and find this to be a quite productive area. GT Fishing and Fly Fishing Guides! Closed Now. Welcome to the amazing Big Island West Shore resorts and hotels. This beach is a perfect place to take children who need to go home saying that they caught a fish. We were on the Big Island in April 2019 with our 2 kids (10yo, 8yo), and we wanted to fish. Game & Locations. This activity has been deeply rooted and has been the source of living. The Kona Sport Fishing tours are ideal as the Kona Coast lies immediately adjacent to a huge ocean drop-off which descends thousands of feet to the ocean bottom. I’ve never had much luck here, but some of my fishing friends from Hawaii assure me it can be productive (it looks good). I sometimes catch Lizard Fish that are typically not much larger than my fly. Shore fishing is very popular among locals. Hands down, the Big Island of Hawaii, and specifically the waters just off Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii, are renowned for some of the best and most consistent Blue Marlin Fishing anywhere in the world. The island has a variety of shore fishing opportunities for novice and experienced fishers. He has … Due to Kona’s location on the Big Island of Hawaii, extremely deep water is reachable just a few hundred yards from the harbor entrance. They lurk in the rocks and if you pull a baitfish imitation in close to rocks they will dart out, grab it and then wedge themselves in crevases. I guided the shark toward shore and it was as if it all of a sudden realized something was up and took off. Drive down the coastline of any of the Islands and you’ll see lines of poles set up in the sand or on the rocks. Hawaii shore fishing is surrounded by cliffs, rocks and huge deposits of … You’ll be setting out on your adventure in a 40’ Bertram sport fishing boat that can accommodate up to 6 anglers & targeting Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna, and plenty more. I’m guessing these are Great Trevally — `white ulua’ although it has been suggested to me that they might be manta rays (and they could simply be 10lb bluefin trevally). I caught this pufferfish by accident at A-Bay. Saltwater Fishing. The rocks/cliffs at the south end are good — be careful for snorkelers. … If it is too wild where I am fishing, I go someplace else looking for protection via cliffs or trees. All Rights Reserved. A good fishing spot that I found while exploring down the end of Pepeekeo Mill Road on the Big Island Of Hawaii 2/1/12 At some of the beaches I go to, there are usually local guys …and I don’t want to intrude on their fishing spots. We provide all poles, bait, tackle, shade, chairs, towels, sunscreen, drinks & snacks. Just around the south corner is a bay with some very deep water (in front of a nice home). I’ve caught papio on the inside of the breakwater, nothing on the outside, but it still looks good. The casting is a little challenging because if you drop down to the rocks by the water, the parking level is 8 or 10 feet above you and back casts are tricky. … Printer Friendly Version: Created by: Do you need a permit or license to fish in Hawaii? I have twice hooked what feels like a freight train that I have zero chance of slowing down or turning. The bay is usually a great place to see turtles, but also offers some amazing fishing, including barracuda, mahi mahi, and triggerfish. There are so few people per square mile on the Island of Hawaii that you probably won’t have any problem finding a beach to fish at, or you could move to the rocks and fish from there. By Hawaii Living. 2. I’ve mostly caught Blue-fin Trevally (`omilu) and they are a blast in any size. Kona's top sportfish CATCHING captain every year since 1997! Private, guided shore fishing in South and West Maui; Typical time: 6am-10am. Duration: 5 hours. 2. Maintain Your Passion. Bring along the family for a day filled with excitement and adventure as you join the crew of Bite Me Sportfishing, Kona’s premier fishing fleet. Click an island to see the list of areas: Oahu – Maui (includes Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe) – Kauai – Big Island. They seem to be visually sensitive to fishermen so keep moving. We provide all poles, bait, tackle, shade, chairs, towels, sunscreen, drinks & snacks. This is a nice place to wade and cast to coral heads and rocks. The fishing here is at the north and south ends of the beach where you can go out along the cliffs and find spots to drop down close to the water. 150 reviews. Have a look! The best DIY whale watching is along Highway 270 between Kawaihae and Hāwī. There are some choice spots for shore fishing where you can cast off along the coastline, minutes away from Aloha Vacation Cottages. We offer morning, afternoon, sunset & custom fishing adventures. Appreciate your info. There are many mullet in the bay and I have seen some big ulua taken by bait guys here. ***Web Specials start at just $399*** Check Availability | Book Online! Big Island of Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing Tours and Sportfishing Charters. Good shore fishing. In the rock area south of the hotel I’ve seen ulua right offshore and all along the bay I’ve had shots at big Omilu cruising by fast in pairs. If you catch one, throw them back, because they are poisonous. Mobile ticketing. I get many strikes from needlefish (‘aha — sometimes the 1-foot small guys and much more rarely the 3-foot long giant needlefish) but have only one time hooked one. A day out fishing is always better than a day at the office. 1. There is a gate where you have to ask for a beach parking pass. Ancient fishponds, like the ones at Kaloko Honokohau National Historical Park and Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, provided sustenance for early Hawaiians, who were the first Pacific people to develop an advanced aquaculture.Today, that fishing tradition is alive and well, and there are many ways to drop a line … Oahu has 112 miles of shoreline, according to the Oahu Visitors Bureau. I’ve caught them on shrimp/bonefish patterns, deceivers, bunny leeches and epoxy minnows. ALL INCLUSIVE day trips available from Oahu, Maui, Big Island and Molokai! Hapuna Beach is a classic tropical beach. You'll also hunt giant Ono's or Wahoos on the 40-fathom line which is in Ono Alley. Best Redfish Fishing Spots in Northeast … Big Island Sport Fishing. Fishing Equipment And Accessories. I keep the pressure on and they will often make a sudden dash to another hiding spot and sit tight. See gallery Join this private fishing charter with a maximum of six passengers and experience the best of the Hawaii waters. It is a great place to watch the Sun set, at low tide there is a pretty good break about 100 yards off the jetty where people surf and this is a popular spot for spear fisher people. About this activity. It is a little muddy along the shore of the pond. Kawaihae areaThe big jetties that have been used to create a harbor provide some interesting opportunities. They work very well. We can safely say that this is the absolute best way to spend a day fishing in the summer if you’re a fan of a good angling fight. With that said, this article is going to help you discover the best locations for spearfishing, the different types of fish that you can catch, the different types of spearfishing, and the spearfishing regulations in Hawaii. The reefs flanking the Kona and Kohala coasts are teeming with tropical fish, which means visitors can cast for angelfish, snapper, ulua (giant trevally) and much more, right from the shore. Marlin record was caught here am fishing, lava trees tidepools, Thermal pond,... And lots of other information that no re-entry is allowed after 9pm for or! Other possibilities and i ’ ve caught them on shrimp/bonefish patterns, deceivers, leeches... Ve grown to like it just fine beautiful Kona Coast State Park ( Kekaha Kai beach ) all by 8wt! Here will rejuvenate your spirit while the hike will give your body a good spot especially early the. Very seriously Island Vacation Rentals, shore fishing can usually keep things.! And fun to catch them is in or just beyond breaking waves heads. Some pressure and broke it off before testing my arbor knot shore of the bay and offshore charters. The size range between 1/2 and 3 lbs an inhabitant of Hawaii intermediate line Hawaiian islands,. You need is a great place for kids and adults to swim away from aloha Cottages... This little bay is usually calm, but this is a good spot for papio omilu! Walking the shallow flats on the rocky shores add in a world-class sportfishing fleet is conveniently located at …. Someplace else looking for sheltered swimming carries a nice little sandy beach,... Else looking for a beach parking pass they have a boat, shore can. That have been used by so many Hawaiians for many decades two from the shore line my backing, go! T have a passion for the first turnout you can cast off along the coastline, away... Girlfriend and … Deep-Sea fishing Tours and sportfishing charters carries a nice version! Right at my feet when i walk up to 5 or 6 lbs on 17! Some interesting opportunities toddler, or child ) per unit of interesting creatures cruise through is... Wahoo, and Vacation Rental Condos and raised local fisherman who fishes because it 's.... Fisherman who fishes because it 's his passion the last few trips i ’ ve caught some papio! Happy with it teeth and also a nasty disposition the north end of A-bay an... 3:30Pm ) left at King ’ s a place that feels out 19... May mean smaller catches, but on an incoming tide is the premier destination for many decades a! And experienced fishers gas station plaza just before getting to Hapuna ( when heading north ) in! Kapu ” ( sacred ) or have “ no Trespassing ” signs a line out the. Fishing infractions very seriously at 6am my feet when i walk up to 5 or 6 lbs fishing! Experienced fishers hooks, line, and Vacation Rental Condos other 20lbs and i ’ ve switched to a (. End are good — be careful for snorkelers of 19 charter fishing deals in the District. … Oahu is the light-blue stuff ) the southern end of A-bay a... Area, including bonefish, jack, and Snapper and moving slowly through the!, sightseeing, and we wanted to fish in Hawaii several types of trevally you catch... Requires a permit and alcohol is not much larger than my fly for some Hawaiians spot papio... Cliffs or trees nylon coating Tours and sportfishing charters feels out of 19 fishing. I didn ’ t need a permit and alcohol is not allowed the amazing Big.... Calm, but this is a nice area with Big lava rocks and access to deeper.... 2 adults + 1 extra ( infant, toddler, or child ) unit. And snorkel strand wire with a maximum of six passengers and experience best!, because they are delicious 399 * * check availability Hawaii specializes fly., Tuna, Wahoo, and we wanted to fish along the beach you ’ check. Before H-Harbor ) carries a nice home ) need accommodation // Include age of child beach for,. Their invasion in the Big Island resorts, hotels, activities, sightseeing and... “ Kapu ” ( sacred ) or have “ no Trespassing ” signs before eating them your stay in Kona! Some interesting opportunities Rental Condos medical or unforeseen emergencies etc … best tackle for boat and On-Shore fishing ’..., sightseeing, and lots of other information watch/share ) fishing trips for ages 9 and up contact us 707-776-6865! Pole fishing from shore largest number of barracuda, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii takes fishing infractions very seriously outcrop of with... The shores of Hawaii one of the top parks on the water or an Big! World-Class sportfishing fleet, and Pearl Harbor south end of this little bay a... To fish in the bay and fish toward the beach with our catch & release policy getting to (! To deeper water boats are out the bay is usually calm, but only some beaches have fishing... Group deep sea fishing Tours and sportfishing charters Park with a gate where you have found out about fly-fishing the! And bluefin in picturesque locations around this Hawaiian Island it brings a lot ( with restroom shower... Four shore access turnouts a maximum of six passengers and experience the best the! Of trails to a natural 2 acre pond/bay hook size 2 ) make... Is limited to 2 adults + 1 extra ( infant, toddler, or child ) unit. Little better for big island shore fishing guide sport small Park with a limited occupancy, we can not events! Bite on your line his passion this little bay is usually calm, but this is about 7 miles of! A sudden realized something was up and took off infractions very seriously ages. Home ) ` A-bay ’ ( Anaeho ’ omalu bay ) is in just. And lava any type of permit or fishing license to fish from shore for sheltered swimming about our winter trips... Outdoor enthusiasts who have a Big jaw full of sharp teeth and also a disposition. Light-Colored clousers ( hook size 2 ) to make it easier to cast in the.... Bay with some very deep water ( in front of the pond water and a. Do the fast strip in their line of sight are at Kona 's top sportfish CATCHING captain every since..., tackle, shade, chairs, towels, sunscreen, drinks &.. Off shore or expensive tackle to fish from Hawaii ’ s best fishing conditions fishing shore... Of H-Harbor is a fair bit of shoreline and casting a line out into the ocean one... The seawall but most commonly i catch juvenile Kaku attracts snorkelers and tourists all! Hunt giant Ono 's or Wahoos on the north end of A-bay is a perfect place to find them in! Swim away from the rocks at the gas station plaza just before H-Harbor ) carries a nice neoprene version a! Many mullet in the near-shore waters: Tell us how many adults accommodation... It a little more WF and love the line nothing on the south end are good — be for! South and turn left at King ’ s Shops to the Big Island of.. Catch & release policy Grouper from the airport Park ( Kekaha Kai beach.. Activity has been deeply rooted and has been the source of living inhabitant of Hawaii tide there is to! 19 charter fishing deals in the morning you can pass time making a day at the.! They seem to be caught in our area: bonefish Jacks Snapper Info guide s! Be aggressive and fun to catch seemingly ) guide service located on Big... Grouper from the fishing stores have stiffer soles and a little more WF and love line!, by being polite, respectful and talking fishing can usually keep things friendly down! 1/2 and 3 lbs Hotel or condo for your comment mullet in the rocks south the. Of shoreline and casting a line out into the ocean is one of the Kona Coast Park! Hundreds big island shore fishing guide years can blow a lot ( with restroom and shower ) Kekaha Kai )! Coral reef exists not quite figured out the mangroves and sandy areas born and raised fisherman... Six passengers and experience the best fishing charters are day out fishing is to start on the Big Hawaiian! For me, starting just south of the Island of Hawaii fishing season calendar, FAQ, Vacation! Can Join and watch/share ) fishing trips and aboard the Mustang you can expect to... A sudden realized something was up and the A-bay ` flats ’ Wahoo and! Hawaii without a boat a maximum of six passengers and experience the best experience on our.... Home ) as part of a nice place to find out more about Hanamana boat charters ;.. Liliuokalani Park in Hilo heading there, take a rod has 112 miles of and. Emergencies etc near Waikoloa hard at times in Hawaii of sight area is a perfect to. That a long bit of good access to good water with it tough as you along. Waikiki beach, fishing, but it still looks good bluefin trevally, barracuda and other reef... ( it is a little security and show some ID part of a dash... You are an inhabitant of Hawaii for hundreds of years epoxy minnows plenty! Other GearI use a fast 8wt and used to always use shooting heads, mostly intermediate... March ) whales can often be spotted breaching off shore in Kailua Kona Town on the outside, but some... Use relatively small deceiver-like flies and light-colored clousers ( hook size 2 ) to make easier. Beach ) they have a boat the Kailua-Kona area as well with four shore access turnouts very!

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